Blasters and Bombs and Ballistae, oh my!

Apr/25 By

That’s right, ballistae is plural for ballista, enjoy your word of the day. In Rend, players will have access to a vast arsenal of weapons, traps, bombs and siege weapons. Your choice

Punching trees gets you better at punching trees?

Apr/20 By

So that was a sudden turn of events, I hope we surprised you all properly. In case you aren’t in the loop, we sent our first wave of pre-alpha invites


Apr/18 By

Today we’re going to talk about all the environments that players will see in Rend. Environments play a huge role in Rend, whether it’s the temperature, or the flora and

A high level view of classes

Apr/13 By

In Rend, we have 4 classes. These aren’t classes in the modern RPG sense though because they aren’t chosen at character creation. Everyone starts at the exact same place as

Faction means family, family means no one gets left behind

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Sorry about the cheesy title, I always have trouble figuring out what to title papers, blog posts, video game companies. It’s harder than it sounds! Now where were we? Oh