Reinforcements Have Arrived at Frostkeep Studios

Dec/5 By

The last few months have been a whirlwind (and exciting!) time here at Frostkeep. We’ve been heads down, working around the clock on new updates to Rend and are thrilled

Dat Asset: Behind the Scenes of Art Creation at Frostkeep Studios

Nov/2 By

(*Editor’s Note* When Mat and Jordan went to XPO festival, one of the things that people seemed to enjoy most was a little behind the scenes look at how our

Drop the Base, Raise the Roof

Oct/25 By

Howdy folks, my name is David and I’m an engineer here at Frostkeep. I’ll be giving you the lowdown on the new base building systems the team has put together

Post XPO Fest

Oct/18 By

    Last week, Mat and I got to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma to show off Rend at XPO Fest. When we signed up for this originally, Rend was going

Two New Frostkeepers!

Sep/13 By

A few exciting things happened over the past few weeks that I didn’t mention before because we were getting ready for and talking about PAX. The first is that we