Meet the Team

Jeremy Wood

Lifelong gamer who got his start at Blizzard Entertainment working on the original World of Warcraft. After a decade of contributing to expansions and helping to lay the foundation for what would eventually become Overwatch, Jeremy joined Carbine where he helped launch WildStar. Now, after 15 years of working on massive projects, Jeremy joins fellow Blizzard veterans as co-founder of Frostkeep Studios to develop their first game, Rend.


Mat Milizia

Mat considers himself game agnostic, enjoying nearly every type of game or console that comes his way. In 2002, he landed his dream job working on the original World of Warcraft (WoW). As a 3D artist Matt created thousands of props, concepted zones, created weapons, and painted zone tilesets. He later helped kick start the first expansion (The Burning Crusade) and his free time projects evolved into WoW’s first battle grounds, and the first armor sets that turned into tiered armor sets. Mat later joined Carbine where he led the world, prop and rendering team and helped define the art style of Wildstar. He rejoined the team at Blizzard to work on Project Titan where he put his mark on the art foundation for the game now known as Overwatch. Mat eventually joined Riot, working on League of Legends, a game that was already consuming most of his free time. At Riot, Mat led the environment team, handling the reworks for the map and select Champions before moving to the role of Art Director on one of Riot’s R&D projects. Now, following 15 years of working on massive games and projects, Mat joins former Blizzard colleagues as co-founder of Frostkeep Studios.


Solomon Lee

Originally from Toronto, Solomon is infamously known as the guy who animated the Night Elf Female dance in World of Warcraft (WoW). He began his career as an animator at Mainframe, before he joined the development team at Blizzard working on the original WoW. His industry friends like to remind him of his age, by telling him how much they loved watching Beast Wars: Transformers growing up. As one who takes risks and is open to new life experiences, Solomon went on to start Carbine Studios with industry friends, where he also served as lead effects artist. He later found himself at Riot Games where he is sworn to secrecy about his work there. He joins former Blizzard veterans as a co-founder of Frostkeep Studios.


James Morford

This artist and technology enthusiast got his start in game development by creating maps and mods for his favorite childhood games, including Jedi Outcast and Warcraft 3. After graduating with honors from The Art Institute with a bachelor degree in Game Art & Design, James worked on games like Wasteland 2 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. As an artist and designer at Frostkeep Studios, James creates magic daily in the way of game content for Rend, a new hybrid survival game.


Jordan Leithart

Jordan knew he wanted to create games for a living after experiencing the world of Dragon Age: Origins. He went on to pursue a bachelor degree in computer science, which led him to Carbine Studios where he served as a build manager for WildStar. Here, he worked on tools, the AI system and eventually the combat/spells systems for the game’s free-to-play launch and Redmoon Terror raid. Jordan joins former Carbine colleagues at Frostkeep Studios in support of its first game, Rend, which will launch early access on Steam later this year.


David Talley

David is a life-long gamer, growing up in local arcades and developing a lasting passion after receiving a SNES for his 8th birthday. He got his start in game development at a tiny startup working on social and mobile games before moving on to Carbine Studios as a back-end software engineer and helping to launch Wildstar, working with both Jeremy Wood and Jordan Leithart during his time there. After Carbine, David joined Turtle Rock Studios and helped architect many back-end systems and automation pipelines used during Evolve’s launch and subsequent conversion to a free-to-play title, as well as several still in-development projects. David jumped at the chance to join his old friends at Frostkeep Studios and contribute to its first game, Rend.


Nick De Spain

Nick was born under a solar eclipse and five shooting stars which gave him exceptional innate skills such as eating a whole bowl of popcorn without a single sip of water, the ability to never correctly guess a heads or tails flip and deadly (toy) nunchuck skills. As he grew in knowledge and strength, he began saving the world as an effective super hero. His last heroic act was saving a bus full of babies from a hijacking, burning polar bear. Deciding to live a more low key life, Nick pursued a career as an artist in games. He went to art school and eventually began his career working as a Concept Artist on Evolve. After Evolve’s development, he continued working on various projects for different studios that are still yet to be announced. He now joins the amazingly talented team at Frostkeep Studios, creating fun and compelling content for Rend, all while keeping an eye on the world, ready to save it at a moment’s notice.


Travis Inman

Travis began his career 13 years ago working on World of Warcraft at Blizzard Entertainment. As a member of the support team, he combated exploiters, gold farmers and hackers. He later joined Carbine as a level designer on Wildstar where he focused on creating layouts and improving the visual aesthetics of the world. After his time at Carbine, Travis joined a small start-up company where he served as an Environment/Level Artist for a VR app called Mindshow. Travis joins former colleagues at Frostkeep Studios to support in the creation of Rend, a new hybrid fantasy survival game launching on Steam later this year.


Ronald Roy

Ronald Roy is known for collecting programming languages like he collects Pokemon. The Commodore 64 was his first gaming and programming experience, and it was then that he knew he was going to be a programmer. Ronald obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and went on to work for both large and small gaming studios, including SCEA (PlayStation), Rockstar Games and Jam City. He is known for bringing unique technologies to games like WildStar, L.A. Noire and Cookie Jam, and has developed a roster of trouble-shooting game features — from NAT traversal algorithms and an “ask the community” clue system to large scale data collection. Ronald knows that every situation requires the proper training, planning and execution; whether that’s pairing an Alakazam and Slowbro to fight the Elite 4 or using Scala and Scala.JS to build a single page web application. At Frostkeep Studios, he will help bring the world of Rend to life, a new hybrid fantasy survival game.


Tyler Fuchs

Tyler grew up gaming and received his first NES at the age of three. He spent the next few years mastering The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Super Mario Brothers before moving on to hijack his dad’s work computer to play Warcraft 2. Tyler eventually built his own PC so he could jump into MMOs like EverQuest. Fast forward 12 years of late nights, hardcore raiding and guild drama, before he received the chance of a lifetime to jump into his dream career at Blizzard. Tyler later went on to join Carbine Studios, handling raid and encounter design on WildStar. It was there that he first met the crew that would go on to become Frostkeep Studios. Tyler is excited to be part of the Frostkeep team and is working on the new hybrid fantasy survival game, Rend.