Punching trees gets you better at punching trees?

Posted by on April 20, 2017

So that was a sudden turn of events, I hope we surprised you all properly. In case you aren’t in the loop, we sent our first wave of pre-alpha invites out to help us get Rend into early access. We’re excited to work with them, and we’re more excited to get more people into the game. Please go sign up right now! In addition to random invites sent out by us, please check the fan run subreddit and the fan Discord for a chance at the giveaways they will do there!

We already talked about one of the ways to progress and customize your character in the

I punch this tree, I get wood sticks and my lumber skill increases? I need to punch more trees!!

talent system. Today, I’d like to chat about the skills system that we implemented to give another progression and customization avenue. Fans of RPGs will find familiarity with our skills system. The general idea is that the more time you successfully spend doing something, the better you become at it (insert Rocky training
montage here). A player who only uses the bow to shoot with should be better than the player who picks up the bow for the first time.

At the basic level, doing certain things will increase your skill doing that thing. Harvesting skill increases will increase the yield you get per hit, while combat skills will increase your some combat related stat (think damage, reload, recoil, that type of thing). Leveling up your crafting skills could decrease things like crafting speed. The possibilities are awesome. The best part about our skill system though is that there are no game limitations on how many skills you can level up. Unlike the talent paths which have a ruleset where you can only choose a max of 2 archetypes, any skill can be leveled up by any player. It only takes time.

But minor passive increases in efficiency aren’t very interesting. So, we added an unlock system as well. Players will have to level up different skills to gain crafting recipes and perks. The crafting recipes is relative self explanatory. As a brand new character, you will have to go and punch a few trees or bushes to unlock the recipe to craft an

A preliminary look at the skills menu.

axe. Once you have the axe, you can chop trees down much faster, as well as gain woodcutting experience much faster. One of my favorite things about this system is that people who dedicate their time to being the master armor crafter will be able to unlock recipes that other players, who haven’t leveled up their armorcrafting skill, won’t have. This allows for the players who don’t enjoy combat to really help their faction immensely by logging on and doing what they love. You can choose to be either a jack-of-all-trades, or you can choose to specialize down a specific few skills. All it costs is time.


The other part of the unlock system is the perks system. At skill levels 5, 10, 25, and 50, a player will get to choose between two different perks that will change his play style in regards to that specific skill. For example, at level 5 herbalist, a player gets a choice between Friend of the Herbs, which increases the yield gathered from plants, and Hunting for the Rare Bloom which increases the chance to get a rarer resource from plants. These are two different valuable perks to have, but you cannot reset it so you have to choose wisely or whichever one you want the most. One of my favorite perk choices is the level 50 bow choice. A player has to choose between the Hunter perk

A screenshot from one of our testers of the Conclave Base

(every successful hit increases movement speed by % for 5* seconds, maximum stack 5*) or the Sniper perk (standing still for a small amount of time grants a % increase in damage by bow shots to a maximum of 2*%). Two wildly different playstyles from the same weapon. I expect players to find a large amount of replayability within these perk choices.

We’re so very excited to flesh out the game more. We recently looked back at our progress over the last month since we announced the project and we can’t believe how much the game has come along. Our friends and family testers have been so invaluable, and we’re really looking forward to inviting more people to provide suggestions and feedback leading into early access launch. We will be doing more waves soon. So if you didn’t get in during yesterdays invite, you have a chance later. Also, if you haven’t signed up! Please do so now!

*all numbers subject to balance changes

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